2L Automatic Dog Water Dispenser Cat Water Drinking Fountain with Replacement Filters SPD2100

Product Feature:

  • 2L capacity – Meet your pets’ water needs.
  • Dual modes – SMART / NORMAL SMART: intermittent working, keep the water flowing, reduce noise and power consumption. NORMAL: continuous work for 24 hours.
  • Double filtration – Upper outlet filtration + back flow filtration, improve water quality, provide your pets fresh running water.
  • Silent pump – Submersible pump and circulating water provide for quiet operation.
  • Divided-flow body – Body and bucket separate for easy cleaning.
  • Low water protective – When water level is low, pump will automatically stop to prevent from running dry.
  • Water quality monitoring reminder – If water has been in the dispenser for more than a week, you will get reminded to change the water.
  • Lighting reminder – Red light for water quality reminder, Green light for normal function, Orange light for smart function.

Product Detail

Product Tags

Smart Water Fountain 2100

Take care of your pets better!


Residence to water


Safety of water


Cat hair clogging


2.2L Capacity

Dual Modes

Multiple Filtering

Silent Pump

Distributary Water Body

Low Water Level Alarm

Water Quality Monitoring Alarm

Circular Fountain

2.2L Large Capacity

No need to add water frequently

Dual Working Modes


Supply water every five seconds


Supply water continuously

Multiple Filtering

Improve water quality


Pallet with Tray

Preliminary filtration,

block hair and other impurities


High Density Filter Cotton

Filter sand, rust and other particles



Activated Carbon

Strengthen filtration to adsorb

residual chlorine and remove odor



lon Exchange Resin

Deep filtration of heavy metalions


Silent Pump

Avoid noise distractions


Ultra quite pump

Smart LED Light Reminder

Different colored light

Purple Light Always On

Smart mode, supply water intermittently

Blue Light Always On

Normal Mode, supply water continuously

Red Light Flashes

Low water alarm, stop supplying water

Red Light Always On

Water quality alarm, need to change the water

Power Supply Ways


Power Bank


Power Adaptor


USB Lug Plate

Water Shortage Alarm

water level
sensing system


Water Shortage Alarm

Removable Design

Easy cleaning


Product List
Water Fountain*1/USB Cable* 1/Filter Cotton*2/Manual*1

Product Name Smart Pet Water Fountain
Capacity 2.2L
Pump Head 0.4m
Pump Flow 220L/h
Power DC 5V 1.0A
Material ABS
Net. Weight 0.6 kg
Dimension 190 x 180 x 165mm
Packaging Size 200 x 200 x 180mm



Studies have shown that most cats are naturally attracted to running water, but a few are very sensitive to new things. When getting a new water fountain for your cat, it is not recommended to immediately remove the original water fountain. At the same time, the director should pay more attention to observe the cat's behavior and drinking conditions, and then remove the original drinking equipment after the cat gets used to it.

Q:How often should the filter element be changed?
A:About 1 month.Please replace it at any time according to actual use.

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